The Prize Inside

The Prize InsideThe idea was born out of my love of fast food, and my need to get out of the office every once in a while. I’d always pick my venue based on what toy I could bring home to the kids (or sometimes keep for myself). The food didn’t matter, a burger was a burger.

The Prize Inside Screen ShotThe Prize Inside uses your phone’s GPS to locate nearby restaurants that have kids’ meal premiums. Toys are listed in order of distance, along with alternate locations within 20 miles. Plan a meal stop around the prize your kids want most, and The Prize Inside provides driving directions to the location. Share with your finds on facebook, twitter, and now google plus!

The Prize Inside was developed as a web app and, through the magic of Intel XDK, brought to Android, Kindle, iOS and even a Chrome app. Geo-data is handled through the Google Maps API. Prize tracking done with custom software. Right now the app covers all the major national chains, with more to come. Lots of new features are in the works as well. Follow @TPIapp on twitter for the latest updates.

When a burger is a burger, and a burrito makes no difference, choose your fast food by The Prize Inside!