Theraflu Thermoscanner

Developed for GSK’s “How Sick is Vegas?” campaign, the Theraflu Thermoscanner is an interactive Kiosk which takes thermal selfies of visitors. The kiosk interface was built as an HTML5 app, using the AngularJS and OnsenUI frameworks. It features a real-time preview of a live¬†thermal camera image, composited with a high resolution camera for increased detail. Images are sent via a wireless connection to the website for display in the site gallery and sharing on social networks. Integration with Twilio SMS services allows visitors to provide their phone number and receive a text message of their thermal selfie. Visitors also had the option to check the “Sick Score” of their home town using real-time flu data provided by GSK and The Weather Channel. ¬†A back-end CMS was developed to moderate images posted to the gallery. A live rooftop billboard accompanied the kiosk and displayed select images from the kiosk in real-time.